It is the commander responsible for the display and preservation of the works and historical objects in Çanakkale, Çimenlik Castle and in the castle.

Çanakkale Naval Museum Command consists of various parts:
Nusret Mine Ship
Dardanelles War Specialty Library
Çimenlik Castle (Kale-i Sultaniye)
Gift Shop
Picture and Photo Gallery

** The museum is open to all visitors on the Fairy Week (18-24 May), Teachers Week (18-24 November)
During the April 23rd Children's Festival week (April 16-26) all children,
All visitors and students will be free to all visitors on August 30th, October 29th, November 10th, March 18th, April 4th, July 1st and September 27th on Tourism Week (April 15-22).

In addition, UNESCO, ICOM, ICOMS, Council of Europe and yellow press card holders are free to access the museum.

Çanakkale Maritime Museum is open every day between 09.00-12.00 / 17.00 hours except Mondays and Thursdays.
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