The ancient city of Troy

The ancient city of Troy

The Trojan horse is a horse model that Odysseus has built from the throne in order to cross the Trojan walls and sneak into the city. war has been going on for about ten years. The soldiers are now bored and tired of the cause of this war. In this process, Odysseus, whose Athenan likes his intelligence, comes up with the idea of ​​making a horse from the wisdom of the throne. According to this plan, the Akhalis now give the impression of being withdrawn from the battlefield and leave a huge horse in the back.

While Odysseus and other elite commanders are hiding in the horses, others hover in the sea and hide behind the Bozcaada, in such a way that the Trojans can not see them. In order for the plan to work, an aggressive soldier leaves to take this horse inside. The Trojans who see that the Akhalins are pulled, they approach the giant wooden horse, which is in front of the western door in astonishment.

The Akhali soldier named Sinon at this time tells him that he hates the Greeks, that he chose to sacrifice him in the name of the winds necessary for the return of the Akhalins, and that he escaped by escaping:

"The throne is made as a holy altar to the goddess Athena, the reason for its greatness is to prevent the Trojans from getting it into the city from the narrow city gates.The Trojans are destroying this horse, so that the Trojans will draw the anger of Athena on Trojan, if they take it and protect it, the grace of Athena will turn towards the Trojans. "

The Trojans believe in what the Akhali soldiers say, and intend to reconcile the wooden horses. They perform night celebrations for this peace and during this celebration, they are hunted by the Akhali Warriors in the horses. In the meantime, the Trojan Town is completely destroyed with the reinforcement of the Akhali Army, which is approaching the walls of Troy. After this slaughter, which Troy burned from the beginning, Menelous sailed to Greece by taking Helen ...

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