Restaurant & Bar


Our restaurant will be at your service any time during your busy and exciting holiday days with the clean air of the green pine forests surrounding the Hotel Kum, the charm of the clean and clear waters of the Aegean Sea and the charm of the wide sandy beach.

You will not be satisfied with the taste of our meals prepared with elaborate fresh fruits and vegetables, mountain pasture fresh meats and our own produce olive oil.

Our restaurant is at your service with a menu consisting of rich Turkish cuisine, with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and sunsets, with a covered capacity of 170 people and a terrace capacity of 250 people.

In the morning and evening we serve buffet and lunch as a la-carte, with fresh vegetables and meats, dishes prepared with our own olive oil, olive oil and appetizer varieties.


At Hotel KUM,

The fireplace bar, the pool bar and the Saz bard on our shore will provide you with nice, warm and cozy surroundings where you will enjoy both chatting and fun.

Saz Bar, located in the beach section of our hotel facility, is always at your service throughout the day with its rich drinks and food menues. Located at the center of the facility, the Fireplace Bar serves hot and cold drinks, fastfood-style food at all hours of the day, and provides a refreshing and refreshing atmosphere in the cool and airy surroundings when you want to escape the sunshine.

The pool bar serving in the swimming pool section is at your service with hot and cold beverage menus at your pool time.

Hotel Kum