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We tried to create a facility where you can feel at home and receive warm and friendly service in our hotel, which we opened by preserving the natural texture in this bay, where the blue waters of the Saros Gulf, its historical and natural beauties embrace...



1987  on the shores of the Gulf of Saros of the Historical Gallipoli Peninsula since 

We serve as the Hotel Kum family.

In our institution, which extends from the sea shores to the farm, respecting nature and the environment  you are  We are very happy to host you. You will forget that you are 15 minutes away from the city center by car.  where you can get rid of and feel peaceful, where you can start the day with the sounds of birds and relax while reading your book on the beach.  We wish you a holiday..

It raises the blue flag on the seas, grows and eats natural products in the gardens, and you  We want you not to be deprived of life.

30 years in our garden  the beauty of hugging olive trees  and feel its healing, we want you to walk and run on the ground with bare feet.

We want you to see the brightness of the stars raining down on us at night. We do not want to tell the smell and taste of our garden, we want to make it live.

Our facility is 15 km from the center of Eceabat, 15 km from the Martyrs' Monument,

It is 20 km from Çanakkale Center.

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To learn about our room types and detailed information; You can visit our detail pages by clicking here.




The unique air of the Northern Aegean, golden yellow sand and the most beautiful blue of the sea... Lie on your sun lounger and enjoy the sun.

Camp Fire

You can spend a pleasant time by the campfire in the evenings.

Child park

An Area where our little guests can socialize and have fun.


Diving Opportunity with its Great Habitat and Historical Texture

Swimming pool

1 Outdoor Adult Pool and 1 Outdoor Children's Pool are at your service in our hotel.

Walking Paths

Routes where you will feel the nature in the unique natural texture of the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Sports fields

Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Football Field Opportunity in the Facility

Meeting room

We have a meeting room for 50 people.


There is 1 bar on our beach in 1 cafe.



Enjoy Unlimited Internet in Your Room.


We have daily room cleaning available.

Laundry Service

You can benefit from our daily laundry service.

Cold Service to Rooms

We Have Cold Service Opportunity To Your Rooms.

Free Parking

There is a large parking area for your vehicle.


CANAKKALE Travel Guide

Historic Castles

Kilitbahir,Seddulbahir,Bigali fortress

World War I Fields

Memories of the Most Important Front of the First World War

Museum Tours

Kabatepe Simulation Museum, Alçıtepe Salim Mutlu Museum,

Red Crescent Red Crescent Museum,

Cultural Places

Gökçeada, Vineyards, Olive Gardens, Local Product Markets

Historical places

Martyrs Monument, 57th Regiment Martyrdom, Bigali Atatürk House

Çapa 1



We stayed for about 11 days, we did not encounter any negative situation.

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